Monday, 24 September 2018

The Grinch (Dutch)

The Grinch - This pattern had been translated into Dutch by NanskePanske

               stompe naald
               3mm haaknaald
               2mm haaknaald ( alleen voor de ogen)
               Pijpreinigers om de ledenmaten in model te kunnen zetten
               Katoen garen ongeveer 120m

               MC - Magische cirkel (gehaakt met vasten tenzij anders aangegeven)
               L - losse
               v - vaste
               2v in 1v – meerderen
               2v samen - minderen
               ST - steek
               hv – halve vaste
               VL – Alleen in voorste lus
               AL – Alleen in achterste lus
               hstk – half stokje

Extra info....
               Alles is gehaakt in spiraal, het is handig om elke ronde te markeren met een steekmarkeerder.
               Het aantal tussen de ( ) aan het einde van de ronde geeft het aantal steken van die ronde weer.
               Gebruik onzichtbare minderingen , zo krijg je een mooier resultaat.
               Wat tussen [ ] staat haak je in 1 steek.
               Onthou om uw haakwerk in stukjes op te vullen.

Hoofd, hals en lichaam:
Met groen
Ronde 1: Maak een MC met 6v (6)
Ronde 2: (2v in 1v) 6x (12)
Ronde 3: (1v, 2v in 1v) 6x (18)
Ronde 4: (2v, 2v in 1v) 6x (24)
Ronde 5-10: 1v in elke v (24)
Ronde 11: (2v, 2v in 1v) 8x (32)
Ronde 12: (7v, 2v in 1v) 4x (36)
Ronde 13-17: 1v in elke v (36)
Ronde 18: (4v, 2v samen) 6x (30)
Ronde 19: (3v, 2v samen) 6x (24)
Ronde 20: (2v, 2v samen) 6x (18)
Ronde 21: (1v, 2v samen) 6x (12)
Ronde 22:VL:1v in elke v (12)
Ronde 23: 1v in elke v (12)
Ronde 24: AL:1v in elke v
Zorg hier dat de hals stevig opgevuld is zodat het hoofdje niet wiebelt
Ronde 25: (1v, 2v in 1v) 6x (18)
Ronde 26: (2v, 2v in 1v) 6x (24)
Ronde 27: (3v, 2v in 1v) 6x (30)
Ronde 28-31: 1v in elke v (30)
Ronde 32: (4v, 2v in 1v) 36)
Ronde 33-34: 1v in elke v (36)
De meerderingen in volgende ronde vormen het buikje
Ronde 35: 19v, (2v in 1v, 1v) 6x, 5v (42)
Ronde 36-45: 1v in elke v (42)
Blijf verder opvullen tot dat je het lichaam sluit
Ronde 46: (5v, 2v samen) 6x (36)
Ronde 47: (4v, 2v samen) 6x (30)
Ronde 48: (3v, 2v samen) 6x (24)
Ronde 49: (2v, 2v samen) 6x (18)
Ronde 50: (1v, 2v samen) 6x (12)
Ronde 51: (2v samen) 6x (6)
Vul indien nodig nog extra op en hecht af nadat je de laatste opening gesloten hebt

Voeten en benen (2x):
Met groen
Ronde 1: 9L
Ronde 2: 1v in de 3de L vanaf de haaknaald, 5v, 3v in de laatste L, Ga verder aan de andere zijde van de lossenketting met 6v, 3v in de opening van de 1ste en 2de L die je overgeslagen hebt (18)
Ronde 3: 6v, (2v in 1v) 3x, 6v, (2v in 1v) 3x (24)
Ronde 4: 1v in elke v (24)
Ronde 5: 4v, (2v samen) 6x, 8v (18)
Ronde 6: 4v, (2v samen) 4x, 7v (14)
Ronde 7: 2v, (2v samen) 4x, 4v (10)
vul de voet op maar laat ruimte indien je de pijpreiniger wil gebruiken
Ronde 8-21: 1v in elke v (10)
Steek de pijpreiniger in het been en vul rondom op
Sluit de opening en laat een stuk draad om de benen vast te zetten aan de zijkanten van het lichaam

Met groen
Ronde 1 Maak een MC met 5v (6)
Ronde 2: ( 2v in 1v, 2v) 2x (8)
Ronde 3-18: 1v in elke v ( 8)
Steek de pijpreiniger in de arm en vul rondom op
Ronde 19: 4v, 4L, 3v langs de 4L, 4v om de ronde te sluiten (8)
De 3vasten over de L ,vormen de duim
Ronde 20: 3v, sla 2v over, 3v (6)
Ronde 21: 1v in de 1ste v, 4L, 3v langs de 4L, 1v in de 6de v
                1v in de 2de v, 4L, 3v langs de 4L, 1v in de 5de v
                1v in de 3de v, 4L, 3v langs de 4L, 1v in de 4de v
Hecht af laat een stuk draad over om eventuele openingen tussen de vingers dicht te naaien
Steek de draad dan helemaal door tot aan het begin van de arm  en gebruik deze om de armen aan de zijkant van het lichaam te naaien

Ogen (2x):
Met geel en haaknaald 2mm
Ronde 1: 5L
Ronde 2: sla 1ste L over, 1v, 2hstk, 1v, ga verder aan de andere zijde van de lossenketting met: 1v, 2hstk, 1v
hecht af en laat een draad om de ogen aan het gezicht te naaien

Knip stukje garen. Hecht ze aan in de voorste lus van ronde 24 van de hals
hecht ongeveer 3stukjes draad aan per lus
op de foto zie je dat ik 2 stukjes licht groen en 1 donker groen heb gebruikt
Knip af op gewenste lengte

Haartjes op het hoofd:
Gebruik dezelfde techniek als bij de hals
hecht draadjes aan in de eerste ronde van het hoofd

Borduur met zwart garen de mond en neus

Naai nu de benen en armen aan het lichaam en Grinch is klaar

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Teddy Triceratops

Find the pattern for this Triceratops and more information here:
The pattern contains a photo tutorial or how to do the frill.

Saturday, 11 August 2018


Meet Buddy the Sitting Fireman.
Buddy was designed and made for a local fire station who left their mascot with a child involved in a bus crash. The station asked around for handmade firemen to use in the future as they help to calm children.
I saw people commented that they would make one but there was no pattern they could find. So I have created this one. If you are making to donate to a fire station, please let me know the details and I will provide the pattern to you for free.
He is called Buddy as when asking for name ideas, someone commented that their brother, a fireman, was called Buddy. So I thought this suited perfectly.

Find the pattern here.

Thursday, 28 June 2018


Following the fun from the February MCAL, I have created another one. Again it will be free to take part. The clues will be posted here, on my blog in sections. I will announce on ravelry, instagram and facebook when I release each clue.
It will be an amigurumi MCAL.

Get the PDF version of this pattern here

Join the fun and chat here.

This is the information you will need and to take part:
You will need:
Yarn needle
Soft toy filling
9mm safety eyes (Or a size that is appropriate for your project).
3mm crochet hook (This pattern can be made with any size yarn and hook. I recommend using a hook 1 size smaller than suggested on the yarn).
DK Yarn – This pattern suits many colours. (Note that you may need more or less yarn if you are using a different weight than DK).
o Colour One - (C1) Approx. 140m
o Colour Two - (C2) Approx. 30m
Colour choice: This MCAL can be made in any colour combinations. I have made one with c1 in purple and c2 in pink and another with c1 in dark blue and c2 in light blue.

Stitches and abbreviations used: (US terminology is used)
MR - Magic ring (sc unless otherwise specified)
Ch - Chain
SC - Single crochet
Inc - Increase stitch (2 single crochets into one stitch)
Dec - Decrease stitch (single crochet 2 stitches together)
FLO – Front Loop Only
WS – Wrong Sides
YO – Yarn Over
ST - Stitch
SLST - Slip stitch
R – Round or Row
FO - Finish Off

Other things to note....
This is worked in continuous rounds. It is helpful to use a stitch marker to keep track.
The number in ( ) at the end of each round indicates the total stitch count for that round.
* indicates repeated series of stitches.
Use invisible decreases for a neater finished product. This is done by using the FLO of the stitches while making the decrease.
Changing colour – complete the stitch before the colour change by working the last yarn over of the stitch with the new colour.
Stitches in [ ]  are worked into one stitch.
Remember to stuff the product little and often as you work.

Clue 1 - Friday 6th July 
Clue 2 - Sunday 8th July 
Clue 3 - Tuesday 10th July 
Clue 4 - Thursday 12th July  
Clue 5 - Saturday 14th July  
Clue 6 - Monday 16th July   
Assembly instructions - Wednesday 18th July

Clue 1
In Colour 1   
6sc into MR (6)
*Inc * x6 (12)
*1sc, inc * x6 (18)
*2sc, inc * x6 (24)
*3sc, inc * x6 (30)
*4sc, inc * x6 (36)
*8sc, inc * x4 (40)
Sc (40) – (11 rounds)
*8sc, dec * x4 (36)
sc (36)
*7sc, dec * x4 (32) - Stuff the piece and continue stuffing until end.
*6sc, dec * x4 (28)
*5sc, dec * x4 (24)
*4sc, dec * x4 (20)
*3sc, dec * x4 (16)

FO – Leaving long yarn tail.  

Clue 2. Make 2
Starting in Colour 2   
6sc into MR (6)
*Inc * x6 (12)
*1sc, inc * x6 (18)
*2sc, inc * x6 (24)
*3sc, inc * x6 (30)
Change to C1 – SC (30) – (3 rounds)
7sc,* dec, 1sc * x6, 5sc (24) 
7sc, *dec, 1sc * x4, 5sc (20)
6sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 7sc (18)
Sc (18) – (11 rounds) - Stuff the piece and continue stuffing to end.
*1sc, dec * x6 (12)
*dec * x6 (6)

FO – Close hole, leaving yarn tail. 

Clue 3. Make 2 
Starting in Colour 2
6sc into MR (6)
*Inc * x6 (12)
*1sc, inc * x6 (18)
*2sc, inc * x6 (24)
Change to C1 – sc (24) – (2 rounds)
*4sc, dec * x4 (20)
*3sc, dec * x4 (16)
*6sc, dec * x2 (14)
Sc (14) – (15 rounds) Stuff the start of the piece firmly and the end of the piece lightly.
*dec * x7 (7)

FO – Close hole, leaving yarn tail. 

Clue 4 
In Colour 1   
4sc into MR (4)
*Inc * x4 (8)
Sc (8) - (11 rounds) - Stuff the piece and continue stuffing to end.

FO – leaving yarn tail.

Clue 5. Make 2. 
In Colour 2  
6sc into MR (6)
*Inc * x6 (12)
*1sc, inc * x6 (18)
Change to C1 – SC (18) during this round, crochet over the yarn tails of both colours to hide them. 

FO – leaving long yarn tail. 

Clue 6
In Colour 1    
CH 7.
1sc in the 3rd chain from the hook, 1sc into the next 3 chains, 3sc into the last chain, 1sc into the back of each 4 chains, 3sc into the space between the skipped chains 1 and 2. (14)
4sc, inc x3, 4sc, inc x3 (20)
4sc, *1sc, inc *x3, 4sc, *1sc, inc *x3 (26)
4sc, *2sc, inc *x3, 4sc, *2sc, inc *x3 (32)
Sc (32)
*7sc, inc * x4 (36)
Sc (36)
*5sc, inc * x6 (42)
Sc (42) – (7 rounds) Stuff the the piece and continue stuffing until closing. 
*5sc, dec * x6 (36)
*4sc, dec * x6 (30)
*3sc, dec * x6 (24)
*3sc, inc * x6 (30)
*4sc, inc * x6 (36)
*5sc, inc * x6 (42)
*6sc, inc * x6 (48)
Sc (48) – (6 rounds) – Place safety eyes between R22-23 approx. 10st apart. (see graphic below for placement.)
*6sc, dec * x6 (42) 
*5sc, dec * x6 (36) 
*4sc, dec * x6 (30)
*3sc, dec * x6 (24)
*2sc, dec * x6 (18)
*1sc, dec * x6 (12)
*dec * x6 (6) 

FO – Close hole. 

Clue 7 - Assembly:
Using the yarn tail left from clue 1 (the body), sew to clue 6 (the head) between approx. R 22-28 of clue 6 (the head) with the eyes at the top. If you would like a shorter, fatter snout, lightly push the start and end rounds of the head towards each other to compact it. 

Sew clue 3 (the arms) to front sides of clue 1 (the body). There should be approx. 5st between the two. 

Sew clue 2 (the legs) to either side of clue 1 (the body) between R 6-9 in a seated position with the and the toes (decrease stitches of the feet) pointing up. They are angled out so that clue 3 (the arms) sit between them and rest on the ground. 

Pinch clue 5 (the ears) in half at the bottom with the WS together. Sew approx. two stitches to keep the curved/folded shape. 

Sew clue 5 (the ears) to approx. R 29-31 of clue 6 (the head). Spread them approx. 13 stitches apart. 

Sew clue 4 (the tail) to the bottom back of clue 1 (the body). Cut approx. 12 strands of C2 approx. 10cm (4”) long and attach them to the first two rounds of clue 4 (the tail). Fold the yarn strands in half then use a crochet hook to pull the loop between two stitches and pull the ends through the loop to secure in place. Trim to size. You can also run a blunt needle through the strands to give them a fuzzy appearance. 

To make the nostrils:
On R 7 of clue 6 (the head), join C1yarn in line with the safety eyes (starting from the right of the eye for right handed people). 1sc into the first st, 1dc into the next 2 stitches on R 8, 1sc into the 4thst in R 7. 
FO. Weave in yarn tails
Repeat this on the other side in line with the other eye.