Thursday 4 May 2017

Mini Sausage Dog

This Mini Sausage Dog 13x5cm. He is made mostly of one piece with the ears being separate.

You will need:
  • 3mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle 
  • Yarn (approx 15g or 45m)
  • Black embroidery thread or 4mm safety eyes.
  • Soft toy filling
Stitches and abbreviations used:
(I am from England but use US crochet terms)
  • MC - Magic circle/ring (sc unless otherwise specified)
  • Ch - Chain 
  • SC - Single crochet 
  • Inc - Increase stitch (2 single crochets into one stitch)
  • Dec - Decrease stitch (single crochet 2 stitches together)
  • DC - Double crochet 
  • ST - Stitch 
  • FLO - Front loop only 
  • BLO - Back loop only 
  • PC - Popcorn stitch (using 5dc) 
  • WS - Wrong side 
  • SLST - Slip stitch 
  • FO - finish off
Other things to note....

  • This is worked in continuous rounds. It is helpful to use a stitch marker to keep track
  • The number in ( ) at the end of each round indicates the total stitch count for that round
  • *  * indicates repeated series of stitches
  • Use invisible decreases for a neater finished product
  • Stitches in [ ]  are worked into one stitch

Head and Body:
1. MC (4)
2. *inc* (8)
3-4. 8sc (8)
5. inc x2, 6sc (10)
6. 1sc, inc x2, 7sc (12)
7. 2sc, inc x2, 8sc (14)
8. 3sc, inc x2, 9sc (16)
9-11. 16sc (16)
12-15. inc, 2sc, dec x4, 2sc, inc x3 (16)
16. 12sc, inc x4 (20)
17-19. 20sc (20)
20. 15sc, FLO-PC, 2sc, FLO-PC, 1sc (20)
21-34. 20sc (20)
35. FLO-PC, 2sc, FLO-PC, 16sc (20)
36-37. 20sc (20)
38. *3sc, dec* (16)
39. *2sc, dec* (12)
40. *dec* (6)
FO and close hole 

Ears x2:
1. MC (4)
2. inc x2, 2sc (6)
3-6. 6sc (6)
7. Ch 1, turn, 3sc through WS (this creates a flatter piece to sew to the head)
FO leaving yarn tail to sew to body

Attach yarn at desired location
1. ch6, turn
2. starting in 2nd chain from hook, sc into the next 5 chains. 
FO leaving yarn tail to secure into body. 


Julia said...

Thank you so much, he's soooo cute!!!

Crafty Math Chick said...

Thank you for sharing the pattern - I am a doxie momma and I love it! So adorable!

Cam "The Mom" said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful patterns. I have browsing through and found several that I want to make right now!!

Unknown said...

very cute. I love it.Works up just like your picture and I am only a beginner.
Thank you for posting such a good pattern

Nick said...

This one looks so cute. Thank you so much for sharing with us. If you want to know about Dog Breeds, Check out Drypaws

Dog Modeling said...

I'm grateful that you shared your amazing designs. I've looked through and want to build a few of these right now.

Alia parker said...

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Kay said...

I emailed you a few days ago with a question so thought I would mention here since I haven’t received a reply. This little guy works up so cute. I’m interested in a pattern modification for some color changes.