Friday 24 March 2017


This Tortoise is a bit bigger than my usual patterns. He is about 9cm tall and 19cm long. 

If you have any question or corrections please let me know as I will greatly appreciate any feedback! Also if you do try out this pattern, please post a picture as I will love to see your recreations.

You will need:

  • 3mm crochet hook (Can use 4mm if preferred)
  • Yarn needle 
  • Yarn
  • Soft toy filling

Stitches and abbreviations used:

(I am from England but use US crochet terms)
  • MC - Magic circle/ring (sc unless otherwise specified)
  • Ch - Chain 
  • SC - Single crochet 
  • Inc - Increase stitch (2 single crochets into one stitch)
    • hdc inc - 2 hdc into the same stitch)
  • Dec - Decrease stitch (single crochet 2 stitches together)
    • sc2tog - single crochet 2 stitches together 
    • sc3tog - single crochet 3 stitches together 
    • hdc2tog - half double crochet 3 together 
  • HDC - Half double crochet 
  • DC - Double crochet 
  • ST - Stitch 
  • FLO - Front loop only 
  • BLO - Back loop only 
  • SLST - Slip stitch 
  • PC - Popcorn stitch. In this pattern I used a 5dc popcorn stitch, this is for the toes but you can skip this step and just have founded feet if you prefer. 
  • FO - finish off
Other things to note....

  • This is worked in continuous rounds. It is helpful to use a stitch marker to keep track
  • The number in ( ) at the end of each round indicates the total stitch count for that round
  • *  * indicates repeated series of stitches
  • Use invisible decreases for a neater finished product
  • Stitches in [ ]  are worked into one stitch

The Shell:

  1. Starting in green - MC (6)
  2. Inc (12)
  3. *1sc, inc* (18)
  4. *2sc, 3sc into the next st* (30)
  5. FO. You do not need to leave a long yarn tail
  6. Join brown to round 5, slst to hold into place, ch2 and hdc into that same st as the slst. Then *4hdc, hdc inc*. Finish round with a slst into the ch 2 at beginning of round. 
  7. FO leaving yarn tail for sewing. Make 6 more
Sew all 7 together, using the brown yarn tails, into a form like the picture on the right. The shell may look flat at this point rather than rounded but it will take shape when the belly is attached. 

  1. Once sewn together, attach brown to the edge and and slst into place, sc around the edge.
  2. Attach green - *1hdc, hdc2tog* 
  3. FO - yarn tail does not need to be long 

Belly (this is done with HDC only):
  1. Starting in light brown - HDC MC (6)
  2. *hdc inc* (12)
  3. *1hdc, hdc inc* (18)
  4. *2hdc, hdc inc* (24)
  5. *3hdc, hdc inc* (30)
  6. *4hdc, hdc inc* (36)
  7. *5hdc, hdc inc* (42)
  8. *6hdc, hdc inc* (48)
  9. Colour change to medium brown - *7hdc, hdc inc* (54)
  10. *8hdc, hdc inc* (60)
  11. *9hdc, hdc inc* (66)
  12. *10hdc, hdc inc* (72)
  13. FO leaving long yarn tail. 
Place the wrong sides of belly and shell together and sew into place. You will have to stretch the belly to fit with the shell as it appear smaller. Use pins to hold into place and to help get it even. I sew through the strands of yarn on the shell piece that did not go through to the top, therefore making the sewing unseen on the shell. 
Leave a gap unsown at the top and bottom as this is where the head a tail will be placed and also leaves a gap to add the stuffing. 

Head (Medium brown): 
  1. MC (6)
  2. *inc* (12)
  3. *1sc, inc* (18)
  4. *2sc, inc* (24)
  5. *3sc, inc* (30)
  6. *4sc, inc* (36)
  7. 36sc (36)
  8. 36sc (36)
  9. 36sc (36)
  10. 36sc (36)
  11. 36sc (36)
  12. 36sc (36)
  13. 36sc (36)
  14. 36sc (36)
  15. 36sc (36)
  16. 36sc (36)
  17. 36sc (36)
  18. 6sc, dec x6, 18sc (30)
  19. 3sc, dec x6, 15sc (24)
  20. dec x 6, 12sc (18)
  21. dec x 3, 12sc (15)
  22. 15sc (15)
  23. 15sc (15)
  24. 15sc (15)
  25. 15sc (15)
  26. 15sc (15)
  27. FO leaving yarn tail for sewing. Stuff and shape.

Tail (medium brown):
  1. MC (6)
  2. Inc, 5sc (7)
  3. inc, 6sc (8)
  4. inc, 7sc (9)
  5. inc, 8sc (10)
  6. inc, 9sc (11)
  7. inc, 10sc (12)
  8. inc, 11sc (13)
  9. inc, 12sc (14)
  10. inc, 13sc (15)
  11. FO and fold flat. Leaving yarn tail for sewing 

Put the open end of the tail and head into the holes left from sewing the shell and body together. Sew them into place. 

Legs x 4 (medium brown):
  1. MC (6)
  2. *inc* (12)
  3. *1sc, inc* (18)
  4. *2sc, inc* (24)
  5. *5sc, inc* (28)
  6. BLO - 9sc, pc, sc, pc, sc, pc, sc, pc, sc, pc, 10sc (28)
    1. If you dont want to do popcorn stitches, do 28sc into the back loops only 
  7. sc all round skipping the pc stitches (23)
  8. 8sc, sc3tog, sc2tog, sc3tog, 7sc (18) - this stage can be a bit fiddly 
  9. 7sc, decx3, 5sc (15)
  10. 15sc (15)
  11. 15sc (15)
  12. 15sc (15)
  13. 15sc (15)
  14. 15sc (15)
  15. 15sc (15)
  16. 15sc (15)
  17. FO leaving yarn tail for sewing. 
Fold the legs and sew flat making sure the feet are facing the desired direction. Each foot may need sewing flat from a different point to make it face the front. Sew the leg to the belly. I also tacked the leg to the belly a bit higher up to give it some stability. 


Anonymous said...

so cute, thank you very much

Jean said...

What size eyes did you use?

Amy's Crochet Cave said...

12mm safety eyes are used in this picture

Jean said...

Thank you! :)

manjula devi kolipaka said...

thank you

Griffongirl said...

Do you have a video tutorial for this pattern?

Amy's Crochet Cave said...

I do not have any videos. I am thinking of making some in the future. Is there a particular part of the pattern you are struggling with?

Unknown said...

Loved making this little fella

Unknown said...

When putting the brown around the green, is it 4 hdc, hdc all in one stitch? All the way around? It makes it very hard to sew together with so many stitches.

Anonymous said...

About which row would you add the eyes?